The Team

deeproot Studios was founded on the idea that if you build the right team and create the right environment there’s very little you can’t accomplish. We’re a studio of artists, designers, producers, and technologists who love telling stories, creating worlds, and making games. We strive to make content that entertains, inspires, and endures.

Robert Principal
Jonny Studio Director
Adam Studio Director
Nate Studio Director
Nathan Design Director
Matthew Creative Director
John Pipeline Director
Rob Head of Lighting and FX
Lance Lead Audio
Jake Lead Look Dev
Ryan Head of Toys
Moroni Head of Story
Tyson Modeling
Scarlet Modeling
Jeremy Modeling
Jacob Modeling
Ethan Modeling
Allen Head of 3D Animation
Dallin 3D Animation
Brandon 3D Animation
Allie 3D Animation
Jess 3D Layout
Jarom 2D Animation
Elizabeth Story
Claire Story
Eden Story
Erik Story
Jeff Motion Graphics
Kendall Concept
Collette Concept
Brad Concept
Jon Concept
Caleb Concept
Johanna Concept
Shawn Concept
Eric Lead Graphic Design
Michelle Lighting
Joseph Lighting
Ryan Developer
Sarah Producer
Joe IT
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